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  • AFTERSCHOOL ( ) POPULAR!  11/11/2003
    Hits: 2411 | Rating: 1.00 by 1 user Rate It!
    Description: Afterschool offers academic information (including a limited biography section); it also features ``Ask Mr. Knowitall,'' a service that lets you post a question and get an answer.
    ASK AN EXPERT ( ) POPULAR!  11/11/2003
    Hits: 2027 | Rating: 0.00 Rate It!
    Description: Ask an Expert lets you do just that. An ever-changing appointed ``expert'' fields questions on a variety of topics - or you can search the archives to see if your question has been answered already. This site might be best for finding trivia.
    ASK DR. MATH ( ) POPULAR!  11/11/2003
    Hits: 1902 | Rating: 1.00 by 2 users Rate It!
    Description: Ask Dr. Math is divided by age group (elementary, middle school, high school, college) and offers an extensive archive of previously asked math questions. You can also send in your own question, but the site is so busy, you're not guaranteed an answer.
    ASK ME ( ) POPULAR!  11/11/2003
    Hits: 1880 | Rating: 0.00 Rate It!
    Description: consults real people for answers to your questions. To get to the ``homework help'' part of this site, go to the main page and select Education, then Homework Assistance.
    ASK THE EXPERTS ( ) POPULAR!  11/11/2003
    Hits: 1890 | Rating: 0.00 Rate It!
    Description: Scientific American magazine offers a well-organized archive of Ask the Experts questions and answers. You can send in your question, but the site can't reply to individuals - and only the most interesting exchanges are posted.
    Hits: 1790 | Rating: 3.00 by 2 users Rate It!
    Description: The CIA offers a comprehensive guide to countries, with maps and encyclopedic, organized information about any country you can think of.
    Hits: 1975 | Rating: 0.00 Rate It!
    Description: Cool and Useful Student Resources is maintained by Jenna Burrell, a Cornell University computer science student. She offers categorized links to topic Web sites, complete with a star rating that judges the helpfulness of each site.
    INFOPLEASE.COM ( ) POPULAR!  11/11/2003
    Hits: 2221 | Rating: 2.00 by 1 user Rate It!
    Description: The search engine offers a homework-help search engine and a page full of links to useful information, including a kids' almanac, maps, news and biographies.
    Hits: 1668 | Rating: 0.00 Rate It!
    Description: The Internet Public Library has teen and youth divisions; both offer links to general (and age-appropriate) homework-help sites.
    LIGHTSPAN'S STUDY WEB ( ) POPULAR!  11/11/2003
    Hits: 2625 | Rating: 0.00 Rate It!
    Description: Lightspan's Study Web is also set up like a search engine; you can do a specific search or browse through academic categories
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