Megavision 2021

Megavision 2021
THANK YOU for your interest in Community Internet's "free" home page offer. We are very excited about the prospect of offering this to area businesses. We are enclosing a description of Internet and also general answers to common questions about this service. If you have more specific questions, please don't hesitate to call our office Monday through Friday at (402)562-5904.

 Community Internet has a referral list of qualified programmers who have registered with us and agreed to work with local area businesses in creating dynamic home pages. Many of these programmers have extensive experience in building home pages. Their hourly charge is usually around $25.00. A typical home page with two graphics, three links, and approximately six pages of text will likely cost less than $100 in programming fees if you don't already know HTML yourself. Again, Community Internet will not charge for hosting or the storage of local area business homepages qualifying under this program.

 If you have experience in HTML programming and want to create your own HTML coded home page, that is perfectly great. For technical specifications, please refer to the enclosed listing form.

 If you would like to see your business advertised not only to any local viewers, but also to the whole wide world, please complete the enclosed listing form and mail back to us. If you have a preference for a specific registered programmer, please indicate on the designated line.

 We're excited about the potential this will bring to Nebraska. Fifty million Internet users throughout the world can't be wrong ... it is indeed a small, small world.


Community Internet Systems, Inc.


WHAT IS THE INTERNET? It is millions of computers in offices and homes linked together by phone lines and routing equipment which makes it possible for any one computer to reach out and touch any another one. Some computers are set up simply to broadcast on the Internet. These are sometimes called "server" computers. All computers on the Internet system can also send notes and messages to each other called "e-mail". The cost to connect a computer to the Internet and thus connect it to all the other computers on the Internet for about 40 hours per month ranges from about $15- 50 depending on location.

WHAT IS AN INTERNET HOMEPAGE? It is an ad on the Internet. It can range from being as simple as a postcard to as involved as a complete catalog. It can have pictures and text. It is written in a special but fairly simple programming language called HTML. Pictures need to be scanned on to a disk to be usable. A homepage can have a feature which enables the viewer to send the advertiser an e-mail message back immediately. Homepages can have many other features. They can be viewed by anyone on the Internet in the many communities we serve or world wide. It costs the Internet viewer nothing to view a homepage.

THIS MUST COST A LOT: No, Community Internet will post a basic homepage on our local and world wide server for free. It must be brought to us in HTML format on a disk and ready to go. Many people already know HTML programming and will have no cost at all. If you need help finding a qualified programmer we can suggest several for you. If you haven't learned HTML yet, to have programmer put your artwork and ad into HTML format costs only about $30-$100. You don't even have to have a computer or be connected to the Internet to post a homepage ad on it. However, if you aren't connected you will need to have a phone number or "snail mail" address in your ad as you will not be able to receive instant e-mail responses from your prospects.

FREE, I WASN'T BORN YESTERDAY. WHAT'S THE CATCH? Truth is nobody knows what businesses can benefit from an homepage and what businesses will find it to be worthless. Most businesses have enough bills and don't want to commit to another monthly advertising bill. At the same time they can't help but wonder what they might be missing by not being on the Internet. We have plenty of room on our system that is not being used. There are plenty of HTML programmers in our community anxious to put their 21st century skills to work. They are willing to work very economically on the chance this industry will develop into something. We want to bring these opportunities together. We believe the Internet will be a significant part of the way business will be done in the future. By taking a fairly bold step of giving away something that may be of considerable value, we are opening doors for local programmers, providing an opportunity for businesses to learn whether an Internet homepage will do them any good. We figure that down the road those business that find it to be valuable will become good customers of our connectivity services and our enhanced homepage services. If our hunch is right, many businesses will take advantage of this free service. A fair number of them will prosper from it and we will prosper with them. In short, it is an investment in our communities and in the future.


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